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Is Your iPhone Vulnerable To New Exploits? Time To Update!

How to check if your iPhone needs an update

📱 You can check if your iPhone needs an update by opening iPhone Settings > General > Software Update. Sometimes you’ll receive a notification to tell you the update is ready and will be installed overnight.

Reasons to keep your iPhone up to date

🚨 When an update is available, your device could have vulnerabilities that are being exploited by hackers. This could put your phone and its contents at risk of being accessed or shared. Do you want someone to see those hundred selfies you took on your last night out? What about your browser history? Read on to find out how to update your iPhone.

🔒 Keeping devices up to date is one way to help stop your iPhone, and all your data on it, from being compromised.

How to backup your iPhone before installing an update

☁️ Always backup your phone before applying updates to make sure your settings, data, apps, photos and videos are saved.

☁️ To check the apps that are included in your iCloud backup, open iPhone Settings, tap your Apple ID (usually your name) at the top, tap iCloud, then toggle on or off the apps you’d like to keep a copy of.

☁️ To backup your iPhone, open iPhone Settings, tap your Apple ID (usually your name) at the top, scroll down to find your iPhone, tap iCloud Backup, then Back Up Now.

How to update your iPhone when an update is available

🤳 Set updates to apply automatically, or apply them yourself as soon as an update becomes available.

👇 To update your iPhone, open iPhone Settings > General > Software Update and follow the prompts. See screenshots below: