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Level up your logins with 2FA
Protect your business with TWO-factor authentication


We’ll help you apply additional levels of security across your accounts to reduce the likelihood of being hacked. We’ll start with your important accounts – those which could lead to considerable harm, for you or your customers, if they were compromised.


Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and two-factor authentication (2FA) are essential for anyone that wishes to protect their business and systems from unauthorised access and data breaches. Even if your password is known or can be guessed, access to your account will not be possible without a secret code that is only available to you. According to Microsoft, “MFA can block over 99.9 percent of account compromise attacks.”

We work with freelancers, business owners, side hustlers, content creators, social media managers, consultants and coaches, designers and influencers.

Whenever client trust and your reputation are involved – secured accounts and systems are so important to protect you, your clients, and your business partners. And honestly, without this, you are taking a big risk (with your time, money and business)!

Still not convinced? Read more about 2FA in our Why you need to use two-factor authentication blog post.


This bundle includes dedicated support from Sassy Security to set up MFA/2FA for your business and personal accounts. This involves using an app on your phone to receive a secret code whenever you (or someone else) try to log in to one of your accounts. We’ll set up an authentication app (if you don’t have one installed already) and apply the enhanced security to your most important accounts. These are the accounts and systems that could lead to considerable harm, for you or your customers, if they were hacked or compromised.

The aim is for you to feel confident that your accounts have been protected and comfortable using new security tools. We will be there to answer questions along the way, so please don’t panic if you’re starting to feel overwhelmed at the thought of it. You will feel like a certified cybergeek by the end of this.


  • 1 * intro call
  • 1 * personalised implementation session
  • 1 * follow-up call
  • 1:1 support with an expert with 10+ years experience working in IT and Cyber Security


  • Confidence in the security of your accounts and your customer’s data
  • Knowledge that will last you a lifetime
  • Techniques that can be applied to other accounts
  • Less worrying about the prospect of your account getting hacked
  • An important task ticked off your to-do list
  • We will implement the steps in our session, no more putting it off until tomorrow


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