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Protect your business with strong passwords


If you’re someone who forgets their passwords and uses the same password for different accounts, this is for you! We will help protect your business from hacking attempts all while saving you time and limiting distractions. The added bonus? You’ll only need to remember one password.


Strong passwords are essential for anyone that wishes to protect their business and systems from the simplest hacking attempts: password guessing. Setting up a password manager is a small but important exercise that will save you time so you can focus on your zone of genius.

We work with freelancers, business owners, side hustlers, content creators, social media managers, consultants and coaches, designers and influencers.

Whenever client trust and your reputation is involved – secured accounts and systems are so important to protect you, your clients, and your business partners. And honestly, without this, you are taking a big risk (with your time, money and business)!


This bundle includes dedicated support from Sassy Security to set up and populate the all-important password manager. We will create strong passwords, save them to your password manager, and update your accounts. Gone are the days of trying to create and remember lots of passwords, using the same password across multiple sites, searching for passwords on post-it notes stuck to your desk, and tedious password resets. This will save you valuable time to focus on what really matters.

The aim is for you to feel confident that your accounts have been protected and comfortable using new security tools. We will be there to answer questions along the way. Sassy Security will do the majority of the technical bits, so please don’t panic if you’re starting to feel overwhelmed at the thought of it. You will feel like a certified cyber geek by the end of this.


  • 1 * intro call
  • 2 * personalised implementation sessions
  • 1 * follow-up call
  • 1:1 support with an expert with 10+ years experience working in IT and Cyber Security


  • Confidence in the security of your accounts
  • Knowledge that will last you a lifetime
  • Fewer distractions so you can focus on what really matters
  • Less worrying about the prospect of your account getting hacked
  • An important task ticked off your to-do list
  • Time saved because you won’t be wasting it trying to create or remember passwords, searching for passwords on post-it notes or notepads, and stepping through the tedious password reset journeys
  • Space in your brain for more fun memories (not boring passwords!)
  • We will implement the steps in our session, no more putting it off until tomorrow.


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