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Security Checklist: five ways to protect yourself online


🔐 have strong passwords and passcodes:

  1. Use a different password for each site or app
  2. At least 10 characters with symbols and numbers
  3. A completely separate password for your main email account
  4. Use a password manager to generate and store all your passwords in one place
  5. Phone passcode at least 6 characters, and not a repeated number or letter.

☁️ back up your data and photos. If you lose/break your phone, or your account is held for ransom, you’ll still have access to all your important information and precious photos. This gives you peace of mind.

🏆 switch on multi-factor authentication, aka MFA/2FA. The quickest, easiest way to protect your accounts. If it’s available, use it! A code is sent to your phone, email or authentication app when you log in to a website to verify it’s you. This way, if someone does know your password, they won’t be able to hack your account. Simple.

💻📱 keep your devices updated. This includes phones, laptops, and smart devices. Set to automatically update if available. This ensures security patches are applied and protects your devices so they’re harder to break into.

💡 think before you click on any links, email attachments, social media ads, random WhatsApp messages, new connection requests, requests for your personal data or payment information. Don’t rush. Take a moment to consider if an offer is genuine, or too good to be true.

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